A Weekend Away

The blog will be dormant for the weekend, because my time in front of the keyboard will be minimal. And really, that is how a weekend should be spent anyway.

Though you may ask yourself, "How is this any different than this past month or so?"

And I say, "Yes, if my blog input was the main source of defence against an alien takeover than we'd all be bowing down to our green, slimey overlords. But why didn't you come up with a better strategy for protection?"

So yeah, blogging hasn't been pouring from the heavens lately, but at least this weekend I know it won't be happening, while other times I delude myself into thinking I can squeeze it in between pay copy and dirty diapers. Do you want anything that was sandwiched against previously digested milk? No, you don't.

Anyway, I'm gone for the weekend, but will (fingers crossed) serve up some freshly baked blog goodness on Monday. Enjoy your weekend.