Day Three of My Five Days as a Single Parent

Because the high traffic of the past few days shows you kind of care enough to hear about it.

Everett made it 2 days in row when it comes to sleeping through the night.  Or I made it two days in a row where I sleep through his tormented cries.  But considering he doesn't wake up a soppy mess of tears, I'm assuming it is the former.  I hope so, because I'd rather not get the "Negligent Parent Award" -- since that is the worst parenting award in the world.  But it does mean I'd be the most solid sleeper in the universe.  I am happy to feed Everett at 3 in the morning, even if it means I spend 40 minutes bumping into furniture and accidentally frying the encyclopedia.  Why would I fry an encyclopedia?  Well, why would anyone want to drink breast milk at such a ridiculous hour?  Some things in life just don't make sense is the answer here.  I would do it for my son, but I'm glad Everett seems to be handing me a giant break.

Everett is sleeping through the night, but he didn't go to bed as easily last night.  He also didn't really nap.  This is why you ended up hearing a lot less from me yesterday.  I had pay copy, and I needed to use my valuable "Everett distracted/napping time" for those purposes instead.  Napping was not an appropriate Thursday activity, so my time was minimal.

Drinking lots of breast milk was the activity for the day, though.  We're definitely going through the breast milk at a rapid pace.  We do have the formula as back up, but this may be a formula and breast milk free zone by the time Sunday night arrives.  I wonder if Everett would be open to trying out juices or gum away at a banana.  It is a soft fruit.  Gums should be enough to mash it into a fine paste, so that he can eat it.

I ended up having to feed Everett around 4 ounces of milk just to get him to finally sleep last night.  I tried putting him down, and was rewarded with a symphony of tears.  Eventually, I went to the old standby of breast milk, even though I'd just fed him quite a bit right before.  It got him to sleep and at this point, it seems like I may not need to worry about having enough milk for the middle of the night feedings.

We're holding up well.  I'm doing about as well, as I could have dreamed of as a single parent.  Definitely not something I ever want to take on for full time basis, but it looks like I'll still have my sanity after five days of single parenting.  I've been able to stay on top of most of my pay copy, even though yesterday was harder since Everett seemed to want to be entertained for most of the day.  I can't even chew and walk at the same time, let alone perform an elaborate comedy routine for my son while also finishing work for clients.  I also assumed I wouldn't get as much work done, so I planned ahead for this.  Everett seems content and fed.  The dog has been looked after and kept happy.  I would call the whole thing a success.

You just have to ignore the fact that I've completely neglected things like chores or eating well.  But sometimes you need to make sacrifices.  That is further proof that I am not cut out for this whole living alone with baby thing.  I definitely send high praises to the magnificent parents that succeed at it.

I also have to send out thanks to grandma, aka my mom who helped out last night.  It is a wondrous thing living in the same city as a grandparent.  She gets some quality grandchild time, and I get to finish up pay copy without a baby sucking my shoulder.

There you go, that is your Day 3 status update.  I've made it to the halfway point, and I haven't lost any more hair or attempted to jump out a window.  It has been a good day, indeed.