The Different Responses to Fireworks in the House

It is the May long weekend, where we celebrate forgotten royalty by blowing things up.  It is just how things are done here in Canada.  Now, Emily was gone so we didn't contribute to the sky explosions this year.  But we definitely heard them.  As it seems everyone in the city decided it was a perfect evening to make loud noises when sane people want to go to bed.  As an aside, we always did our firework displays as early as possible, but then again, we also didn't always do them on the permitted weekends -- so, I should probably not stand on this soap box for too long.

Anyway, call me mushy and sappy, but the fireworks made me think about the dearly departed Crosby.  I had visions of him running down the stairs, and hiding in the bathroom, which was the farthest place from the loud noises.  Then he'd eventually run up to me, and bury himself in my lap.  Maybe the fat of my thighs muffled the noise?  I loved being his protector from the fireworks.  It made me miss him even more tonight.  I'll admit that I get pretty close to my pets, and probably miss Crosby more than many humans that have passed away.  The fireworks weren't all sad, because I also like the memory of being the source of comfort during the torturous firework attacks.

Speaking of attacks, Summit responded in a different way than previous firework displays.  We was running all around the house and checking every single window.  He kept on checking up on Everett.  It seems like Summit actually thought we were under attack, and maybe thought the baby was the reason for this assault.  He also wanted to go outside quite a bit.  I assumed his plan of retaliation was to bark into the sky, and maybe try to scare away the loud noises.  I decided we had enough noisy disturbances for one night, and kept him secure inside.

As for Everett?  Well, he slept through the entire thing.  I was worried he would wake up, and burst into the symphony of tears.  He didn't even flinch.  This is likely the huge advantage of living with a beast that loves to bark at anything that he may see moving out the window.  It appears fireworks are not worthy of my son's time, and is mere background music to his sleeping.  I love that he is such a deep sleeper.

So, that is my family's response to the fireworks.  And I also want to note that it is now early Monday, and the damn things are still going off.  I am really glad my son loves his deep sleep.

Did anyone shoot off fireworks this year or take part in any other long weekend festivities?