One of the Truly Great Relationships and a Thank You to Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

In today's "Dad's Eye View", I look at the relationship between Everett and Summit.  I think it is important that the pets get to interact with the baby on a regular basis.  It helps avoid possible jealousy, but also allows them to get closer with the child.  This philosophy has definitely paid off for us.

I usually write my columns about a week before they're published.  You will notice that Crosby gets mentioned in today's column as if he is a fine and healthy cat.  That is because he was.  The illness struck Crosby really fast, and at the time I wrote this column, I had no clue Crosby only had a few days left.  It was really hard rereading this column.  But Alyson at Pregnancy & Newborn was kind enough to allow me to dedicate today's column to Crosby.  I am very grateful for that.