The Two Guys from Andromeda Have Returned

This is the greatest news possible for an old school graphic adventure game geek.

Now, if the subject line touting the return of the Two Guys from Andromeda doesn't excite you, then maybe you'll get more excited if I tell you there names are Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe.

That doesn't get you any more excited?

Well, these two guys are the creators of the hilarious space parody franchise, Space Quest.


It was a game that not only did some amazing parodies of everything in science fiction, but entertained you for hours as you explored different planets.  Or played for a few minutes after getting frustrated that you kept on getting shot by the aliens that invaded the ship.  You laughed.  Oh, I know you laughed.

Still not excited?  Well, clearly this post isn't for you.

But I loved Space Quest.  I have many fond memories of many old school Sierra games, back when adventure games were a huge part of computer gaming.  But then Sierra changed their focus in the mid '90s, and eventually got sold to Activision.

Activision now owns the rights to all the former Sierra properties, and has done a mighty fine job of letting them grow mold over the past 17 or so years.  For whatever reason, they aren't willing for a third party to make a new Space Quest game, despite fans begging for one over the last 15 years since Space Quest 7 was scrapped.

But the creators have decided to team up and make another science fiction parody adventure game.  This is about the greatest adventure game news since TellTale teamed up with LucasArts to make a new Monkey Island game.  Now, this past decade has marked the return of the two best and funniest adventure game series ever.

Well, except it isn't Space Quest.  Not by name.  Roger Wilco won't be able to return.  I know it will still have the flavour and feel of Space Quest.  It is great to see the original visionaries return to make a new games and possibly kick off a new franchise.

They had a Kickstarter campaign to help them finance the effort.  They both quit their jobs, and started up their own small company to make this game.  Donating to the Kickstarter not only bought you the game, but a bunch of fun little goodies.  That campaign was a success and is now over.  They've started another campaign over at PayPal and promised more goodies depending what amount you donate.

The site is over here.  It is kind of a mess.  It seems like they think web design stopped after 1997.  But still, it is a new game by the guys who made Space Quest.  I can put up with a crowded screen.  If you love the old series, then you might want to donate.  Or at least, salivate over anticipation of the new game.

Yeah, I'm a little excited.