Friday Morning Brain Stirring Question

Because these question posts almost never elicit an actual answer, but for some reason get high views.  Maybe people just like to ponder them all day during work, but then realize their answer is just too dark for the world to read.  I like to post them because maybe one day you'll answer, and mainly, because they're easy to write when I'm busy.

You ready for the question now?

Drum roll please. . .

If you could have a coffee/soda/beer with any fictional character then who would you choose?

My answer?

Holden Caulfield. 

I know that seems like an odd choice.  Why would I want to have a coffee with an angsty teen that is mad at the world?  Well, I wouldn't.  But I'd want to hang out with a Caulfield about 20 years later.  I would be interested in seeing how much he changed and if he ended up "selling out."  I've always believed that Caulfield is one of those guys that ended up becoming an ad executive, got married, had 2 kids and a dog, and generally fit into society just fine.  I like to think he also is working on a novel, maybe something cheery and uplifting.  It'd be cool to hang out with the guy who was the poster boy for angst but discover he just turned out mighty fine.  A reminder that most of the "darn kids these days" grow up to be rather wonderful people.  Plus I would spend the first 10 minute laughing and teasing him for giving up and conforming to the man.

Now, if you think choosing Caulfield 20 years after his established fictional age is cheating then well, too bad because it is my question and my rules.  If you still protest, then I pick John McClane, because so there.