My Continuing Thoughts of the Go On TV Series

I finally caught what they were calling the "series premiere," but what a non-TV executive would call the second episode.  I actually liked it a lot more than the pilot, and it feels like the show is already achieving a groove.  The episode seemed to concentrate a bit more on fleshing out a few of the characters and showing why I should give a rip about half of them.  It is a bloated cast though, and I'm sure a few are just destined to be two second punch lines and gags.  It does look like they also plan to devote some episodes to specific members of Ryan's (Matthew Perry) counseling group.  This is probably the best type of strategy.  Perry seems strongest when he is throwing in witty observations of other people's quirks or being able to play off quirky characters.

I do want to reiterate that I really, really, really, really desperately hope the plan isn't to hook up Perry with counselor lady (who has a name, but I haven't remembered it and since I'm not writing  this for pay, I'm too lazy to go Google it).  I know a universal sitcom rule is that any time the two stars are of the opposite sex and have chemistry then they must hint at hooking up and then eventually hook up, and then largely tank the series.  Or maybe make it better.  I like that this show is dealing with grief, and seems to want to be a little bit different, and one way to remain that way, is to not do the hook up.  Perry's character is about dealing with the loss of the love of his life, and the show will lose a lot if he jumps into a relationship before 22 episodes are completed.  I want make it clear to any writers that may be scouring blogs for feedback, this show is better if they just stay as sportscaster who annoys the former Weight Watchers counselor.

There is one really sweet relationship in this show, and that made for a few cool moments this episode, which is the relationship between Perry and his assistant, Keri.  It is also a pretty unrealistic relationship, as I'm not really sure an assistant to the a radio sports talk show host would send a text about how she is thinking about him or really have that kind of close relationship.  What Perry was doing this episode wouldn't have led to the sweet talk, but rather end with the assistant quitting.  But this is TV land.  A place where six people hang out exclusively with each other, yet also seem to find 30 more people to come to their birthday parties.  A place where in your group of friends, all members if they're of the opposite sex end up dating each other and it is never deemed weird.  Or a place where you have co-workers that you seem to despise and never hang out with outside of work, but still invite every single member to your wedding.  It isn't reality, and you always have to allow some suspension of disbelief when you're dealing with a world where there are only a handful of regular characters.  I think this is a great relationship that offered up some cute little moments, and again, I like it because it isn't supposed to enter into a romance.  It is more of a sweet big brother and little sister relationship, or so, that is how I am choosing to interpret it.

I liked the plot a lot more this time, the jokes were more on target, and it didn't seem rushed this time around.  They did a story that fit nicely into 22 minutes, and the resolution didn't speed to an end after some out of the blue epiphany.  It was more natural, and you felt like the characters acted in the way they have been established.  Plus I laughed.  The whole crazy cat lady storyline was the good type of quirky this show is trying to achieve, but also didn't fall apart by becoming too cliche or out of the realm of possibility.  Yeah, she has way too many cats to not be wearing nothing by a burlap sack and having a house that reeked, but I could also see her habits in real world people.  Plus I laughed at her interaction and attempts at being "best friends" with Perry.  I also got a kick out the "action" chant, and I also loved Perry's reaction when he realized the prized piece of sports history has gone missing.

A much better episode, and it got closer to the potential this show actually has.  I'm now convinced to stick with this one much longer than I'd originally planned.  Or at least, it has more appeal than "I'm watching it because I really want Matthew Perry to have a hit."  At this point, it has a better chance to be funnier than The Office this year (which I'll also likely stick through for the entire season as well).