Movember Progress and My Sweet 'Stache Deal

As of noon today, this is what my lip is sporting.

It isn't a glorious Magnum P.I. 'stache, but I also started two days late.  My lip is slowly getting prepared for the cold Movember weather.

I've currently raised $50.00 thanks to my awesome editor, Dian Bertolin.  You can track all that progress on my official Movember site.

I want to raise more than $50.00.  Here is my deal to get this number higher.

If I raise $400.00 by 9:00am on Monday Nov. 12th, then I'm transforming my mustache into a Fu Manchu.

You know the world needs to see a magnificent Spicer Fu Manchu.

It can happen if those funds jump up to $400.00.

We can raise the money to kick prostate cancer in the eyeball.