My Journey into Being Captain Creepy

Because how else would you describe this?

I'm so creepy that my wife left town and even took my son.  Oh what a hard life it is for me.

But you know what makes it easier?  Raising money for a great cause like finding a cure for prostate cancer.

My amazing sister-in-law Catherine helped my campaign by giving me a super generous donation of $100.00.  She did it in honour of her father and my father-in-law, Peter Ho.  I am doing this fundraiser to honour both Peter and my grandfather, Harry Bowen.  Both these great men were lost to the awfulness that is cancer, and my grandfather actually passed away due to prostate cancer.

You don't need to give me a donation as huge as Catherine's.  I'll accept any amount.  I just want to raise a large amount of funds for this great cause.

My birthday is this Tuesday, and so it would be a wonderful gift to raise more money for Movember.

If that isn't enough to inspire you, then remember I'll transform my mustache into a glorious Fu Manchu if I raise $400.00 but 9am on Monday November 12th.

Please drop by my Movember site and consider giving any amount you can afford.