The Donations Continue to Kick Prostate Cancer in the Eyeball

Because that is what the awful disease deserves.

I've been sincerely touched by all the money I've been able to raise, and I thank everyone who has donated so far.

My awesome neighbour, Angela Bayley, even joined in the donation action.  I am only $20.00 away from $400.00.  I know we can make it.  Actually, I know we can raise even more than that.

Please head over to the site, and consider giving any amount you feel comfortable.

Seriously, any amount really helps the cause.  If you're tight, I'll accept anything you can give.  It is not only for a great cause, but I'm doing this in the memory of my father-in-law, Peter Ho, and my grandpa, Harry Bowen.  It would mean so much to me if you'd consider donating.

You can think of it as my late birthday gift, or as a way to thank me for all the free content I've given you over the last few years.