Trailers for Two Films I Apprehensively Look Forward to Seeing

I listed the ten films I am most looking forward to in 2013.  I made it clear that there are several other movies that I'm looking forward to.  I also want to make it clear that "looking forward" doesn't mean "life changing films."  Sometimes it can be formulaic films or movies I have a feeling may not be that awesome, but something in the trailer gets me excited even against my better judgement.  Sort of like these two upcoming movies.

Identity Thief (February 8)

2012 was the year I fell in love with Melissa McCarthy.  She is hilarious.  I've never seen her sitcom, Mike & Molly, and I've heard it is pretty generic, but in R-Rated films, she has been a knock out champion.  Her small role in This is 40 is the undisputed highlight of the movie.  I am excited that she has been given a starring vehicle.  Unfortunately, it is starring in a pretty generic looking action-comedy that seems to be following the typical steps and is likely very predictable.  But if she has a chance to shine, I really don't care, and I can see this film as comfort food.  I know exactly what to expect, but it can still hit the spot.  Jason Bateman is great at being a straight man, and it is cool they're allowing a funny women be the centrepiece of the comedy.  Against my best judgement, I am very excited about seeing this.

Pain and Gain (April  26)

If a few weeks ago, you told me that I was going to be excited for a Michael Bay directed film starring Mark Wahlberg, then I'd ban you from ever talking to me.  Except I'd be the person in the wrong and owe you a fresh batch of cookies for your excellent premonition skills.  This movie looks to have the perfect balance of action and comedy, and there were several clips that had me bursting out in laughter.  I don't have much faith in Michael Bay, but this film looks to be lacking giant robots and sort of reminds me of one of his earlier films, Bad Boys.  Dwayne Johnson oozes with charisma and he is being used properly here, and you probably couldn't cast better actors who can do humour but also be believable dumb jocks.  If Bay digs into the past and captures the charm of some of his older flicks, then this should be a fun night.