Breakdown of Dark Skies Podcast and Rants Against the Decline of Horror

Last week, Scott and I presented a four part podcast series on the 85th Academy Awards.  In order to prepare, we were treated to some of the most magnificent films of the past year and many movies that will be known as the best over the past decade.  How did we decide to follow up on such a podcast?

We've done it by reviewing a low budget horror film from the same producers that have shoved the Paranormal Activity franchise down our throat known as Dark Skies.  A film that no one would ever mistake for any kind of challenge to an Oscars award.

This film is relevant because it is being produced by the CEO of Blumhouse Productions, Jason Blum.  A company that not only has brought forth Paranormal Activity, but several other successful haunted house pictures like Sinister and Insidious.  These films have all followed a predictable formula, and lack some of the key components of good stories like engaging characters.

Despite this obvious flaw and their habit of producing almost the exact same film each time, Blum has been able to make close to 100 million on each film on budgets no more than 3 million.  These films have been gold mines.  But they've also been defining the modern horror genre and have inspired countless other haunted house or demon possession films over the past several years.

This is why Dark Skies is important.  We want to see if this film will follow the exact same formula, even though it is supposed to be about invading aliens.  But we also want to analyze what makes these films work, and if Dark Skies will continue in the legacy of these films.

We break down several elements of this film.  We also look at the entire genre, and look at the strengths and flaws of Blum's other films.  It is one of the most in-depth Breakdowns ever.  Our feelings on these types of films cause for some pretty lively discussion.

Please check out the Breakdown of Dark Skies, and if you enjoy it, please share it with other.  As always, we love any feedback and comments you may have.

Please enjoy.