Today is Perfect for an Uplifting and Catchy Folksy Rock Song

For several months I was under the impression the following song was one of the latest releases by Mumford & Sons.

I was completely wrong, because this is "Ho Hey" by The Lumineers.

I must admit that this song is absolutely everything I know about The Lumineers.  I assume their sudden play on the radio and jump into somewhat public recognition has to do with the popularity of Mumford & Sons.  I'm okay with that, because when I actually take the time to listen to this song, it is obvious this isn't an exact clone of a popular band and has a bit of their own sound.  If anything, their music is a bit more uplifting and cheery.

My default setting for music is usually classic heavy rock or grunge/punk rock.  Which this is neither.  But I've been known to waver from that setting, especially in the last decade where I've also taken a liking to some popular rap (usually with some rock influence tossed in).

When I'm using music as a muse and inspiration for storytelling, it tends to be songs with more pessimistic or darker lyrics.  This was destined to happen when my formative years were largely shaped by things like Nirvana (music) and Shirley Jackson (literature).  It doesn't mean I am a cynic or dark person, but my fiction dabbles in that area and the characters I'm most drawn to tend to lean that way.  Though I do like to sprinkle in humour, and I am a sucker for a happy ending.

I have moments where I want to embrace the optimism, and these moments have grown this past year, when I am hungering for some light, happy, and fun music.  "Ho Hey" fits that just fine.  I hear that music and I want to do a jig and maybe shout for joy. Because life is too short to not just have lots of fun and listen to something that gives a warm fuzzy.

This does the job for me, and maybe it will for you too.