Mid-Week Breakdown Podcast: Will Oz the Great and Powerful Continue to Weave Magic at the Box Office?

Scott and I return with another discussion on the results of last weekend's box office, and predictions for this coming weekend.  We analyze and breakdown all the elements that led to the successes and failure of the currently released films.  Then we look at the box office chances for the new slot of big films this weekend.  It should be a huge weekend coming up, and we give a deep analysis of each of the wide release films.

We don't just discuss that.  We also offer up two film reviews, look at the limited releases, and discuss the current state of the action genre.  It is a great show for all film fans that enjoy talk about history and film relevance.  Plus it is fun.  Don't you love fun?

If you enjoy it then please share it with others.  As always, we would love your comments and feedback.