You Can Decide the Future Content of Our Film Podcasts

Scott and I have been doing the podcast since December of last year.  It has turned out to be a small hit on the blog.  Our goal is for it to grow and become a great way to increase our brands.  And more importantly, our goal is for it to be entertaining.

It is also time consuming.  This means that I've currently decided to put the Midweek Breakdown on hiatus.  I've got my usual pay copy, my own personal writing projects, and of course, a family that likes spending time with me that all need my attention.  At this stage, I've decided one podcast a week is all that I can handle, especially since there is always the chance to record a few shows ahead of time.  If my career starts going in a positive direction and the podcasts grow an audience then I'll likely bring back the Midweek Breakdown.

This now leaves me with questions that I'd love to have answers from you.  What do you want out of our weekly podcast on film?  Do you enjoy the breaking down of a new release film where we offer some history, look at the reception, and then discuss our reactions to the picture?  What are your thoughts on our special editions such as the Mockbuster vs. Blockbuster or the revisiting of classic films?  Essentially, what is it you enjoy from our podcasts or what do you not enjoy? 

I'm trying to figure out what to do with the podcasts going forward.  Do you feel the Breakdown and Spoiler Room are different enough shows or would you rather just a Breakdown offer more depth of discussion (minus major spoilers)?  Oh okay, I'm asking questions again.  I'll stop.

Now, it is your time to give me your thoughts.


  1. Jim Beef6:29 pm

    Personally, I really enjoy the approach you fellers take with your reviews. I like that you discuss your excitement and worries from what you've read or seen in the trailer prior to viewing the movie. I like that you then return and give your breakdown of what you've just seen and go into greater detail about the film. You could probably incorporate some elements of the Spoiler Room into that later portion of the Breakdown.

    Also, though I've yet to sit down and listen to it, I was incredibly excited by the idea of your Mockbuster vs. Blockbuster podcast. I like the idea of spending some time reviewing things that aren't always 'A' list material. I know the both of you well, and I know there is a great appreciation among you for some fantastically terrible movies. Someone such as myself would love the idea of reviews discussing such films. I could see how this may be a difficult idea to pursue, as the market for that type of review is probably limited.


  2. Thanks Beefer. We definitely have a few more Mockbuster vs. Blockbuster podcasts lined up in the future. I appreciate the feedback on the Breakdowns. The blockbuster summer months means it'll probably be more Breakdowns over the next few months, but we definitely wants to do podcasts on classic or even under appreciated films down the line.


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