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Considering the Day, the Geek in Me Demanded to Post a Video on Star Wars

So, I have.  This is a rather fun and humorous animated short of the original Star Wars done in a minute.  It is a video done by a company called 1A4 Studios.  I just discovered them today, so I apologize if they've been all the rave the past few years or something.  They definitely look to have enough content to ensure you're distracted for about a year.  This is pretty fun for anyone that even has a passing knowledge of the original.

May the Fourth be with you.


  1. aldous7:20 pm

    Now that is brilliant! I could watch it over and over. Mainly because ( I am almost shamed to say it) I have always, from day one, been disappointed in Star Wars. I saw the first ever in a cinema in Hamilton, Ont. and expected so much more from it. It had none of the. authenticity and potential sci-fi politics that could have been integral. I was nineteen and was disappointed that it was like a cartoon.

  2. This is one place we most definitely disagree. I've always been a lover of the original Star Wars trilogy. I was also born the year the first one came out, so its peak was when I was looking for things that were cartoony.

  3. Ken Peleshok6:27 am

    You're allowed to say you didn't like the original trilogy on the internet? I didn't realize that was legal. I though it'd be like yelling "Moses was a beef-witted applejohn!" in a synagog.


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