Hey Remember When This Blog Was Updated Every Day?: State of Blog Address, Summer Edition

I've acknowledged the pitiful lack of original content on the blog a few times this year, and even remedied that problem a couple times with consecutive weeks of daily original articles, but for the most part my content output on this site for 2013 is what us professional writers like to call "shit awful."  It is likely what non-writers like to call it too, but it sounds more authoritative when I claim the backing of a group of respected professionals.  Especially considering I have a sneaking suspicion 78% of you or more suspect me to be a hack since I still don't have a published book.  My experience is you don't really get to flaunt your writer's card until you can point to your book on store shelves or direct to people to your Amazon page, even if what I do probably pays just as well or even better than most authors.

But I seem to have been sidetracked.

2013 hasn't started off great for this blog.  I've written a few articles on here that I am proud of, and my highest one day hit count ever on the site came this year when I covered the Academy Awards, but for being consistent in writing fresh content it has been pretty pathetic.  Actually, if it hasn't been for Scott's prediction pieces, the Monday podcasts, and my links to my articles on other sites, this place would have been a complete wasteland since May.

So, the appropriate follow-up question is what happened and what am I going to do to fix it?

Go ahead and ask it.  I'll wait.

Have you asked it yet?


Can you hurry then, please?  I have stuff to do.

You've done it now?

Good.  So, here is the answer to your very smart question.

I hate giving out excuses despite the fact I've likely given more than the years I've lived on this Earth.  Actually several more times than my years since I haven't been alive for more than a hundred years.  Despite my apparent hatred, here I go to add another notch on my excuse belt (which looks really snazzy when worn at semi-casual weddings, I must admit).  My reason is pretty lame, but it is the only one I can muster at the moment.  I've been doing a decent amount of ghost movie reviews for a few sites that wanted to have all the different mainstream movies of the year reviewed for their readers, but didn't want to have to actually see or write about them.  My plan was to also post my own version of the reviews up here on this site, but since my ghost reviews can't actually be revealed to have been written by me (or defeating the whole point), I would have had to write an entirely new and fresh review taking some different stances to stay original.  I have no problem doing this.  But then I ended up having some other pay copy and responsibilities like being a father and dog walker and person who cleans up his own milk spills.

I wanted the latest review to be the next thing on my blog.  But I kept holding off.  Then next thing I knew, it had been a few weeks since I had posted anything that wasn't a link or a podcast.  In my crazy head, I wanted to make sure the next thing I posted that was original would be a pretty exciting and thought-provoking piece.  It would be my way to make good for being absent.  Except my other paying work and a few bouts of anxiety that I've talked about before, kept getting in the way of writing for this blog.  As I write this all down, it sounds pretty preposterous, or just some extravagant way to say I've been procrastinating.  Maybe that is close to the truth in some winding road way, but I do know I was feeling overwhelmed and at the same time, constantly had ideas for content on the blog.  I just stayed away because I wanted the next piece to be perfect, but knew there wasn't the time for it.

Yet my next piece is now this, and well, perfection wouldn't be one of the words I'd use for giant "excuse essay."  It feels like the truth, and it is at least my internal truth, and you can decide whatever you want.  The fact is I haven't written much on here for a bit, but I've written content that pays to keep my family happy and I've had a few days that felt a little like I was carrying a hippo who just ate a McDonald's (an American kind with the extra salt and fat) on my back.  After taking three romantic days with my wife to celebrate our belated 5th anniversary, I'm in a good place and hoping to make this blog a regular provider of original content again.

Well, I'm in a good emotional place, but my body has decided to cling to a rather nasty cold like thing.  I am actually not a hundred percent physically, and I planned to write this piece several days ago.  Now, I can sit up without the room turning into the tea cup ride at Walt Disney's World, and so this seems like a good day to finally tear off this three month old band aid.

Speaking of tearing off a three months old band aid, Scott had been trying for several weeks to get me to watch Troll 2 so we can podcast about it.  For those who have no idea what I am talking about, Troll 2 had a documentary made about it a few years ago called Best Worst Movie.  It also doesn't have any trolls in it, and is about goblins that turn human into vegetables because they can't handle meat.  This sounds fun, but so does riding an enraged rhino and I've never done that either.  I promised I would watch it.  I will.  It sure will be a case of ripping off a band-aid, and just getting the pain over with.  I'll podcast about it, and hopefully, my mental torment will be your entertainment.

What did that digression have to do with anything?  Well, it was promoting future stuff on this site.  This site is not only sticking around, but I plan it to be very active over the next several months.  Well, the goal is for it to be active for infinity, but I'll just stick with several months for now.

I've made a rough content schedule.  I've got many little possible projects that will end up being spotlighted on here.  I also have plans for several regular columns that I'll unveil over the next few weeks.  The big plan is for this place to not only have daily content, but a few things every day -- or at least a few articles on certain days.  Anyway, I'm still going to have to be vague on a few particulars, because it currently isn't entirely in my power.  I'm excited, and once you see it, you'll squeal too.  Maybe.  Probably due to accidentally dropping a hammer on your foot.  But what did I tell you about doing construction while reading my blog?  It just doesn't mix.

You'll notice this place has been largely about motion pictures this year.  There will still be a lot of that, since I'll continue to try to grow as a film critic, plus some of my planned project have to do with writing about film.  I also want to get back to writing about my personal life and also about my writing career in attempt to offer advice to other hopeful writers.  Plus I like to brag about my son, and man there is lots to brag about since I last mentioned his name on here.  I'd like to write a bit more about politics and world news and history again.  I could keep on listing thing I wants to write about, so I'll stop.  Instead, I'll sum it up by saying I want this blog to be about a variety of things, and just be my place where I write about what is on my mind and hopefully, in some way that entertains you.

This piece is also my way into forcing myself into getting this site back to where it was several months ago.  If I publicly declare it will start being active again, then most of you will likely have an expectation for there to be new stuff to read.  If you have an expectation, then I'm in a place to meet it.  Thus an active International House of Spicer.

Okay, I think we're all good here.  I'm going try avoid coughing up a lung.

Have a splendid Saturday.