The Breakdown of Gravity, Metallica Through the Never, The Hunger Games, Insidious, and The Sessions Podcast

I'm thinking that it may be time to stop putting every single movie Scott and I review in the title.  Seems like a lot to slog through before you get to the write-up.  Then of course, the write-up goes over the exact same movies again to ensure you have it all memorized before we then proceed to mention all the movies again in the podcast.  Seems a bit monotonous, doesn't it?  Consider this the final podcast with the super long title, and we'll see what I start to come up with next week.

For now, enjoy this week of the Breakdown as we look at two big event films and dip into the vault for three pictures with large followings.


Content Timeline:

00:41  Gravity review

16:55  Metallica Through the Never review

28: 12  The Hunger Games review

38:37  Insidious review

52:32  The Sessions review

1:02:25  Recap of reviews