Just in Case You Needed Another Reason to Love Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is firmly on top of America's Sweetheart Mountain at this point in here career.  She has turned out to be both a genuine and likable person in real life along with being a hell of an actress.

This year she kicked ass in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and busted a many guts with her hilarious performance in American Hustle.  She has range, and will likely be both a respected actress and a box office draw for quite some time.

This coming year she'll likely continue to be a major draw as she has her next big The Hunger Games picture and will also be part of the mega-cast in what is expected to be a huge summer hit in X-Men: Days of Future Past.  She not only knows how to pick strong pictures from a financial aspect, but she tends to elevate the films with her presence and talent. 

Outside of the film realm, she has proven to deliver great interviews with both a humour and grace.  She has also spoken out against bullying, and tried to come off as authentic as possible in a profession where one must pretend to be something she is not on a daily basis.  She isn't afraid to speak her mind when it comes to the Hollywood image problem, but also avoids being preachy.  She seems sincere in almost all her public appearance's and is especially likable due to her self-deprecating humour.  She hides her ego well, and let's be honest, for someone in her position and her success she has to have a large one.

The big moment for me that won me over was when she tripped on the way to get her Best Actress Oscar at the last Academy Awards show.  She didn't seem the slight bit embarrassed or try to hide what happened.  She actually pointed it out for anyone that may have missed it.  She hasn't been afraid to make a joke about it since.  In what was supposed to be the biggest moment in her career up to this point, she didn't seem the least bit rattled but rather willing to poke a little fun at the stuffy event.

I bring this up, because almost a year later and Lawrence is still happy to talk about it.  She is actually still making jokes.  Her excuse for the fall just makes her that much more endearing.  Here is what she said about the trip on the stage in a recent interview for the fashion magazine, W.