Live Blog Coverage of the 86th Academy Awards

I've donned my tux and strutted down the red carpet (okay, I have a hoodie on and my carpet is brownish with some possible grape juice stains), and so I am now ready for some prestige and awards giving. Now that the awards are ready to rock and roll, there is one big question. Will Ellen Degeneres sing a heartfelt ballad of "I Saw Your Penis!"

A reminder of how this works, I'll keep on writing as this goes down.  In order to get new thoughts and statements just hit refresh to get something new and exciting.

Let't get this party started. . .

8:30 Um, Ellen you were asked back because remember who hosted last year? The Academy can't risk another near heart attack.

8:31 Ellen sort of exposes the current voting system by listing all the actors and actresses and directors that were nominated the last time she was here and are ready to try to win again.

8:33 Ellen does make sure to highlight some of the hot young talent this year too.

8:36 Jennifer Lawrence is such a good sport and Ellen is great at hammering home her plunge before greatness

8:37 Based off Jennifer's reaction I sort of think she did fall out of the car.

8:38 Unlike McConaughey may be a dirty pretty, but I'm just a dirty dirty.

8:39 I wonder if they ever will do an Oscar nominated picture of rodeo sex.

8:39 I guess that was almost Brokeback Mountain.

8:40 Ellen managed to be funny without 50 references to shows and movies from 1982.

8:40 Barkhad Abdi is who I think should win, but it is going to a huge shocker if Leto doesn't continue the streak.

8:42 Jonah Hill was amazing, but his award was being nominated.

8:43 His and Abdi's day will come.  I am sure of it.

8:43 The cool thing is Leto is in the spotlight after essentially people forgetting he was an actor and not just a pretty face on Tiger Beat.

8:44 Leto remembers to be a little bit political but makes a hopeful message too.

8:45 Now lets see if they'll allow a single cinematographer or visual arts guy that much time after winning the award.

8:46 It was a good speech, but it is just sad that the stars get all the time to talk when they get exposure all the time.

8:47 Poor Carrey rubs it in that he has never been nominated even though he has deserved it at least twice.

8:48 I think Carrey is trying to be funny, and the audience seems to believe he is.

8:49: This animated package makes me want to turn this off and start watching some of these classics instead.

8:50 I'm also not entirely convinced Kung Fu Panda deserves on a package of classic cartoon heroes.

8:50 I agree with Ellen, it needed more Finding Nemo.

8:51 I saw Despicable Me 2, and I don't really remember this song. Kind of makes you realize how memorable this one was.

8:52 I am not saying I don't remember the song. Just don't remember where it was in the movie.

8:57 So far no Captain Kirk. Win?

8:58 It is now the award for movie set in the Victorian Age, except that can't happen this year. Chaos!

8:59 Well, The Great Gatsby is the closest to that age, I guess.

8:59 They all wear spiffy hats in that movie just like those other time period movies that always win.

8:59 I liked Great Gatsby a lot more than others, but American Hustle should have won the costume awards.

9:00 Looks like The Lone Ranger can't even get love in the make-up category.

9:01 Bad Grandpa actually had some pretty impressive make-up as it looked nothing like Knoxville, but Dallas Buyer's Club deserved the win.

9:02 Let the Indian Jones 5 rumours begin with that music intro.

9:03 I'm not entirely convince Harrison Ford saw any of those three movies or knows where he is.

9:04 I do know he doesn't want to be here.

9:05 I see the Jennifer Lawrence scene again and all I can think is science oven.

9:04 Science Oven.

9:05 Margot Robbie was excellent in Wolf and will get nominated one day.

9:05 I can't figure out if Ford was doing some brilliant satire or just really grumpy.

9:05 The small preview of Wolf, Hustle and DBC remind me what an amazing year that 2013 turned out to be for pictures. I didn't think 2012 could be topped.

9:07 If you're bored with my words you can go over to my friend and podcast partner's live blog right here.

9:10 Ellen shows her wonderfulness by giving poor loser Cooper some scratch lottery tickets. Might be worth more than the statuette he didn't get.

9:11 Now a category where I sadly didn't see any of the nominees.

9:13 I have to say that Mr. Hublot looks interesting.

9:14 I lied, I did see one nominee -- Get a Horse.

9:15 In yet another massive non-shocker, Frozen wins the animated feature.

9:16 It was the best non-Monsters University animated feature of the year and it was great to see an actual animated musical again.

9:16 No Jaws yet.

9:17 Ellen is so much more subtle and nuanced than the lets throw out crazy clips and try to be in your face of Seth's hosting of last year.

9:18 I am reminded that Chad Boseman owned the role of Jackie Robinson and that movies was incredibly underrated.

9:19 A roll call of classic movies and Untouchables too.

9:19 I think William Wallace the movie character is more great and inspiring than the actual man.

9:20 Levitt and Emma Watson are about to present an award but you're looking at two big future winners. Many times.

9:22 And yet another award that everyone already knew had to win if Academy had any cred -- Gravity gets best special effects awards.

9:23 Zac Efron is young and hot, but I can't say he'll ever get an award.

9:24 Of course, I would have probably said the same thing about Bradley Cooper a few years ago, and he is now one of my favourites.

9:24 Moon song is such an essential song to the movie Her and capture the mood and setting of the picture perfectly.

9:25 For that reason, it is one of the best song because it capture the picture so well, but it still doesn't have a chance against Let It Go.

9:26 I'm pretty sure they haven't performed each Best Song live for the last several shows, so it is cool to see that as a centrepiece again.

9:27 Last year they didn't because they needed more time for a song about anatomy and trot out an aged space captain.

9:30 Sadly, we have entered the Short Film category where I am a complete idiot and missed out on all these great shorts.

9:31 I've at least heard of Helium, the winner.

9:31 I need to make it my goal to watch more short films, because it really is the launching pad for future superstar directors.

9:32 Shorts and commercials, that is.

9:33 Been a big night for dedicating the win to moms.

9:34 I'd dedicate this live blog to my mom, but I lover he more than that.

9:35 Documentary short is yet another category I epically fail. Hopefully, next year I won't be having to say this again.

9:35 I said it last year and I'll say it again, the short form is important and as powerful as long form. It is in written short fiction and just the same in motion pictures.

9:37 20 Feet from Stardom was the heavy favourite for the Oscar, so no surprise.

9:37 But it doesn't have the power and ability to stick with you and ground you like Act of Killing.

9:38 I think Act of Killing was a picture that you nominate but people weren't comfortable enough to give an award to.

9:39 This isn't to take away from 20 Feet, which is a special film in it own way.

9:40 It was just a typical Academy choice, but still worthy movie.

9:41 Who'd have guess a Netflix show would be the series to get a nod at the movie awards? Show how huge House of Cards has become.

9:42 Of course, Spacey would like to promote his own character too, but the crowd responded knowingly.

9:43 The honorary Academy Awards probably mean a lot more than the actual awards. These are the one with real heart and thought.

9:43 Jolie gets an award just in time to remind us she is a wicked witch this summer. Much unlike the princess she is in real life.

9:49 The Foreign Film category is the one that I wish I could have seen each movie and aspire to, but again I fall short. I blame the city where everyone is white.

9:51 Not sure how that stops me from seeing foreign films, but I didn't what to say "laziness."

9:51 Tyler Perry seems to be happier to be here than Ford. Still not sure if he saw all the movies either.

9:53 Her may be one of the freshest and most challenging films of the year. Also the reason it won't win.

9:54 Thank you Ellen for introducing Brad Pitt, because the show didn't need to be dragged out for 10 minutes as Pitt tries to guess when to come out without any help.

9:56 Apparently, U2 isn't the hot thing here.

9:56 "Here" being my living room filled with three other people and my dog.

9:58 The audience at the centre seems more into U2 than here, but they also have the advantage of being more packed than here.

9:59 They don't have Coke Zeroes that were chilled in my workshop either.

9:59 So win for me.

10:00 When I say my workshop, I of course, mean my wife's workshop and my storage place for Coke Zeroes.

10:01 One of the best parts of the Oscars is the use of classic songs from pictures.

10:03 The charm of cramming several great actors (the very funny ones) in to get a photo to get the most retweets ever is the kind of fun humour that tops Nazis running in the middle of the show.

10:05 This was a reference to last year's host once again. Who isn't a Nazi, just uses them for jokes.

10:06 I liked him last year, but Ellen is just a better fit for this kind of show.

10:06 The Artist with its Academy Awards laughs at the needs for things like sound.

10:06 I think sound is important mind you, and agree classic popcorn munchers needed the epic surround sound to throw you into the experience.

10:08 Gravity continues with the technical sweep. They may win every technical they're nominated for here.

10:08 Last year, it was a much more mixed among the pictures who took home the awards, but right now Gravity is dominating.

10:09 Gravity takes yet another technical, and to be honest, it really should. It was one of the most innovative movies and a massive achievement technically.

10:11 In the past when one picture starts hauling in the awards, it leads to it being the Best Picture -- not sure if that will be the case here.

10:12 Gravity has a shot to win, but don't think it should. They didn't ask me.

10:13 These small clips made me fall in love with Lupita and Lawrence all over again. For very different reasons.

10:13 Roberts was good, but still not convinced she was actually the supporting here.

10:14 I must admit I never understood the supporting role, as it often gives it to seeming leads.

10:15 The right person wins the supporting here, as Lupita was magical and captivating in her role.

10:15 Lupita shows her class in a humble and moving speech. I love that girl.

10:16 This is a superstar waiting to happen -- or just happened.

10:16 A great closing line about wherever you are from your dreams are valid and it means more considering she isn't American. Born in Mexico from a Kenyan family.

10:19 Hopefully, this leads to better roles than 5 lines in Non-Stop.

10:20 Applause please.

10:21 That doesn't seem to be enough pizzas for that size audience.

10:22 You know it is an American show by the portions.
10:22 Harvey gets his mention on the show and forced to tip the poor pizza guy.

10:23 Ellen was a blast offhandedly just mentioning all the stars to pizza delivery guy.

10:25 Cheryl Boone Isaacs seems like the perfect choice to be the head of the Academy, not just because it is great to see an African American woman in a key role but also her poise and her goals to change some parts of the Academy that need it.

10:27 Bill Murray does the awesome thing by shouting out to Harold Ramis and mentioning his amazing catalogue of movies. A class act and a real legend. Both Murray and Ramis.

10:28 The Gravity domination continues in cinematography.

10:31 And also in Editing -as Gravity won't stop winning.

10:31 Now did Alfonso Cuaron win editing because Gravity is ready for a sweep or did they give it because he won't be getting director later?

10:32 I forgot the days Whoopi was an Oscar winner

10:33 Gravity has grabbed all technical, but still haven't won anything outside to prove a true sweep. It will be near impossible for Sandra Bullock due to the momentum of Blanchett.

10:34 Wizard of Oz deserves a tribute and recognition and I guess Pink works just fine as it is a good munchkin name.

10:38 Geek moment: Wizard of Oz actual 75th was last year, so it is interesting they celebrated on this show in 2014. I guess, it is about honouring last year.

10:42 I actually wasn't expecting a fairy dress to be one of the wardrobe changes for Ellen, though she really does look like a grand fairy.

10:42 She really should be a Disney fairy some day rather just a forgetful fish.

10:45 Speaking of wardrobe, Gatsby and its fancy looks win production. Stopping Gravity cold and knocking out American Hustle again.

10:46 Not a good night for Hustle yet.

10:47 It is interesting seeing legitimate classics and then the need to throw in modern hits that likely won't make video packages in 20 years.

10:48 A pretty acceptable collection of cinema fictional heroes, and I always love these packages that remind of the many movies I love.

10:49 I love that Beasts of the Southern Wild sneaked in, because that movie will always make me smile and remind me that I cried.

10:51 It was also rather important that Ghostbuster got included this year in a package, and hopefully, they find room soon for Groundhog Day, Animal House, Vacation, and Caddyshack.

10:54 As I just tweeted, the part of the show I bawl.

10:56 Peter O'Toole a talent known for amazing movies but willing to do great camp too.

10:56 The Roger Ebert picture almost sprung the waterworks.

10:57 It was very cool seeing novelist like Elmore Leonard and Richard Matheson on there since they inspired so many works. and did do screenplays.

10:57 I'm also reminds I really should have wrote a tribute to child superstar Shirley Temple.

10:59 Bette Midler singing Hero as tribute to great stars who passed away just feels right.

11:00 But she seems intent on making me cry.  Bitch.

11:00 She is a class act and looks great.

11:01 A lot of amazing talent and great storytellers were lost this year. It was a definitely blow in the talent department.

11:02 I can't believe how many great talent in film I won't see again that I expected around forever like Gandolfini, Hoffman, Ramis. . .

11:04 Apparently Ellen got her goal of most retweets ever. Ellen would never lie to me.

11:05 Ellen is also back in pants. All is right with the world.

11:06 They just mention the 9th and final Best Picture nominee, but we all know there should have been a tenth -- Inside Llewyn Davis.

11:07 Three very great but very different movies. Though I guess people have compared the Catholic Church to pirates before.

11:07 Slave, Philomena, and Philips were all incredible emotional pictures with messages that sear you.

11:08 Let It Go is now performed and likely the big winner.

11:09 It is also one of Everett's favourite songs, so another reason to cheer for it.

11:13 Jamie Foxx does a mighty fine Chariot of Fire

11:16 Gravity is now dipping into non-technical with the Best Original Score win.

11:17 Another obvious win, Let It Go takes it home.

11:20 I love the Lopezes -- they just had too much fun with their acceptance speech

11:20 Too many people are super serious and stuffy, and so the Lopezes are refreshing.

11:22 Ellen finally collects some pizza money from Harvey and a few others.

11:23 Lupita pays with lip balm, because now everything she owns means something.

11:24 I want Philomena but I sense Slave for Best Adapted.

11:25 Slave is well-deserved and now they start getting on the board for awards.

11:25 This is almost more important when it comes to getting a Best Picture vote.

11:26 Slave was a powerful script and a rich story that crushed and lifted the soul

11:27 I want Her badly here for Best Original.

11:27 Spike Jonze finally gets the recognition he deserves by winning best original screenplay.

11:28 Her is a wonderful movie and Jonze deserved to get a Best Director nomination, so this is his make-up prize

11:29 I wonder if Jonze is destined to follow Tarantino as the guy who get pictures nominated but never wins because Academy don't get it and so has to settle for a screenplay

11:30 Jonze life may be screenplay wins but hell of screenplays he writes. Says Yoda.

11:31 Awesome to see legend Sidney Poitier on stage

11:31 Touching words by Jolie to show her class again.

11:32 This may decide who wins Best Picture.

11:33 Cuaron is who I predicted, but McQueen and Russell were just as worthy

11:36 Gravity may have just wrapped up Best Picture with this win

11:36 Cuaron is gracious and a class act

11:36 Many directors don't think the sci-fi director who heaped on special effects deserves this, but they missed the point and heart of the picture and the small things that worked.

11:41 It will be a volcanic eruption of shock if Cate Blanchett doesn't win

11:42 I'd love Adams to finally get recognition

11:43 Blanchett's clips reminded me why she is the shoe-in -- a performance that made a decent movie one of the best.

11:44 Once again the expected happens, but once again, well deserved

11:45 Cate uses her time to praise her fellow nominees.

11:46 Cate is right that we want movies with women in character driven and mature stories, and she proved they can make lots of money.

11:48 Lawrence didn't get married this year and got a dress she could walk in.

11:49 Bale's performance and look was unforgettable -- don't see the win, but it was a great one.

11:49 I loved DiCaprio in Wolf and I want him to win one soon, but I think this is so McConnaughey

11:50 I wanted Ejiofor, but Matthew deserves the win for the career revival he is on.

11:51 In a shocker, McConaughey didn't do the Dazed and Confused shout out with Alright Alright.

11:52 McConaughey has really changed his career trajectory and started to do the roles he was always meant to play.

11:53 You can tell despite all his awards this win means something to McConaughey.

11:54 He is now a hero to many actors and he is a current superstar who can do mainstream and great thoughtful pictures

11:54 McConaughey teased us but finally gave us our Alright Alright.

11:55 Looks like American Hustle is out of the race and Russell will need to wait another year

11:56 I'm thinking Gravity upsets Slave tonight, which I was sure wouldn't happen.

11:56 All amazing and worthy movies.

11:56 Went with story and emotions and importance over visuals

11:57 Steve McQueen gets his well-deserved moment and Slave gets the win.

11:57 I think this was Academy's way to finally say sorry for not acknowledging the great race struggle tales of the past and finally giving an important movie its recognition

11:58 Academy loves important movies, and this is one of the most.

11:59 McQueen was a great director, so I'm glad he got his recognition here.

11:59 One of the best movies of the year and my pick for Best Picture, so I obviously approve.

12:00 We don't get any silly good-bye song this year

12:01 Second year in a row, I am very happy and will defend the winner.

12:03 Seemed like a less bloated show this year and I think ended maybe a minute quicker -- at least it doesn't go all the way to 1 anymore.

Thanks for coming along for the ride. I had a great time. Hopefully, you were able to stay awake.

Have a great night. I may or may not have more thoughts tomorrow.