'Sword in the Stone' Could be One of the Disney Animated Movies in Need of a Live-Action Adaptation

I'm actually really surprise it has taken this long for the announcement of Disney approving a live-action remake of Sword in the Stone, as reported by THR. It is inevitable every Disney animated property will be turned into a CGIed live-action spectacle, but this one clearly taps into entertainment that is really hot at the moment like Game of Thrones. It helps this is being penned by Bryan Cogman who is a writer of several episodes from the popular series.

Plus this one would actually fit into what I'd assume would be the actual strategy of adapting their older animated properties into live-action, which is play on nostalgia while targeting demographics that wouldn't be giddy for a family animated feature. This adaptation is likely one of the best bets to lure the teenage boys from their caves and give a Disney feature a shot, since it has a tough-action sounding name and will likely a have a trailer that will conjure up memories of Lord of the Rings and big epic sword battles.

I still think Mulan is a strong choice for a big summer epic actioner, but the title will draw upon memories of the popular animated musical that may make certain crowds shy. While Sword in the Stone isn't really embedded in the cultural zeitgeist and thus has the flexibility to veer away from the original and become something darker and grittier (some favourite PG-13 buzzwords). Now, how many days are we away from finally getting The Black Cauldron remake announcement, which would be another movie that fits into the current fantasy and swords craze but even less remembered or at least more in need of a reworking (it was less of a critical darling than most Disney features).

Sword in the Stone is also following in the footsteps of the upcoming Jungle Book adaptation or past summer blockbusters like Armageddon or Volcano, where there is another version ready to come out. Next summer we're already heading to Camelot with Guy Ritchie's King Arthur that is intended to launch a trilogy (because every movie must do that now). I'd complain about not needing two version so close together, but at least it isn't one of the fifty billion Robin Hood movies that are threatening to head to the cinemas over the next several years