Any Time is the Right Time to Go 'Back to the Future'

Director Jason Aron's Back in Time doc is likely to be fluffy and light with lots of retreading of anecdotes and production notes that have been covered in many of the past extras on the several Back to the Future boxsets. It is pretty amazing what is essentially an intimate and endearing story about family relationships and the impact they have on each other became one of the monster hits of the 1980s that remains an all-time favourite for many (me included). It is time travel and sci-fi that appealed to many who claimed to detest the genre because it was always much deeper and about a whole lot more than that. The time travel was just the catalyst to get us into the real heart and soul, and 30 years later this is a movie that still pulls off the sentimentality because it trusted and cared about its characters. This documentary may end up just being a feature-length DVD extra, but Back to the Future is a movie worth revisiting constantly and I never tire of hearing about it. Plus this brief trailer prove once again why Michael J. Fox was a superstar in the 1980s and maybe one of the most likable movie stars ever.