To Answer the Question if 'The Movie Breakdown' Will Ever be on iTunes

Yesterday, I announced a dedicated feed for The Movie Breakdown podcast and for the extra savvy, you likely were able to guess what was coming next. I mind as well reveal now that The Movie Breakdown has its very own shiny and pretty iTunes page where you can subscribe to the shows there if that is your style. Or you can subscribe to the podcast feed or you can just keep on listening to it on the website. You have options and that is what has made Harvey's restaurants so successful (and the fact that people like hamburgers, which I confess our podcast lacks).

I have to be honest that I've been dragging my feet on putting the podcast on iTunes. Mainly, because it would put some restriction on how I could monetize it and close some other potential avenues and deals that I want to explore with the show. I also realize those avenues aren't currently here now, so I mind as well put it up on iTunes for now and pull it later just when you get comfortable with it there.

For now if iTunes is the way you want to subscribe just fire up the service and search The Movie Breakdown. There are currently close to hundred episodes of the show up and we'll be rocking new goodness on a weekly basis. As always, if you love the show then please spread the word.