Calling Out for Help Over a Breakdown Podcast Issue

Over two years ago, a listener of the Breakdown podcast suggested we post an outline of the segments with the time each begins. It was a great idea considering our shows run for over an hour and at times one just wants to listen to a review for a particular movie. I discovered over a year ago that my times were off by several minutes. This doesn't make any sense, since nothing from the recorded show gets cut out and you'd think a minute is a minute no matter what program you use to listen to the podcast. I've discovered that if I listen on Media Player or iTunes that the time of the show runs longer than if I listen to the show straight from the server site or on the blog. I'm not sure if times are a different length on the blogfeed or other audio players.

My point is it doesn't make a lick of sense to me. It has unfortunately meant that my podcast timed outlines are useless because there is a strong chance where it tells you a review starts is off by a few minutes on the player you're using.

I'm wondering if there are any tech savvy readers out there that can offer some insight and let me know how to fix it. My unwavering love if you solve this glitch.