The Breakdown of 'The Boy' and David Bowie

The Breakdown finally jumps into 2016 with our first review of a movie released this year with the creepy doll horror, The Boy. We also review three David Bowie pictures including his break-out acting role in the Nicola Roeg quirky sci-fi arthouse picture, The Man Who Fell from Earth, and the fantasy adventure that made him cool with the kids of the 1980s, Labyrinth. After that, we discuss the recent changes that have been put in place by the Academy in attempt to fix their diversity problem. As always if you  enjoy the show then please spread the word.

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Star Ratings:

The Boy *½ (CS) & * (SM)
The Man Who Fell from Earth ***½ (CS & SM)
Labyrinth *** (CS & SM)
Zoolander **½ (CS) & *** (SM)