Took a Wrong Turn in the Maze

On this week's Breakdown, it was a joy to revisit a beloved childhood picture (and to discover that it still holds up) with the fantasy adventure, Labyrinth. I suddenly realized that we forgot to mention a rather significant thing about the picture. It came out in 1986, which may not seem like a big deal. You just need to use some simple math to realize it was 30 years ago that Jim Henson graced the world with this imaginative feature. I'm sure you're still scratching your head on why this is important. Well, it means we were not only paying tribute to the passing of iconic David Bowie but we were also having a 30th anniversary celebration. As I've learned from my few years as a movie writer, you always must acknowledge the important anniversary when reviewing a movie or the Earth will cease to exist. So for the safety of humanity, I will acknowledge that Labyrinth is going to be 30 years old this August. Now all is right with the world.