Emotion Crashes but No Damage Done

Every time it feels like the speed is picking up and the wind is breezing by my cheeks, a wall suddenly appears and I crash hard. The skin on the knuckles are shredded on the bricks and my pride is in critical shape; I need to shake off the dust and ignore the cuts, so that I can try to catch that momentum again. The personal life has been harsh concrete the last few weeks with many unexpected blockades. The emotions have been given the tools to sharpen the pitchforks and strike me down in the corner. I need that rush and I can't quit this race, and this site I swear is going to rock and roll again. I'm horribly backlogged on 2016 reviews, and actually only written one for The Boy, but in the coming days expect to finally get reviews for The Veil, 5th Wave, Kung Fu Panda 3, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Deadpool. Zoolander 2, and How to Be Single. The batch has some delightful surprises, some genre greatness, and some steaming garbage too. I want to get these posted quick, so most of them will probably be on the shorter side (350 to 500 words). After those are finally up for your consumption, the goal going forward is to dodge those walls and get the reviews up either on the movies' opening day or the morning/afternoon the next day.