The Breakdown of Who We Think Should Win the Oscars Podcast

It is the return of The Breakdown of Who We Think Should Win the Oscars podcast or the show that I should have fully ripped off from Siskel & Ebert with the much better title of "If We Picked the Winners" but well, it is recorded, so too late for that. But despite the lesser title, we are looking at all the major categories and from the nominees list, revealing who we would choose to win the golden statuettes if we had such power. We also throw in some predictions as well, as the hype train is in full motion for this Sunday's big show.

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Unfortunately, I can't do a timed outline of the show, because for some odd reason, I still can't sync the time among all media players. If anyone knows why this is an issue then please contact me in the comments or by email christopher.d.spicer at