Time for Marvel to Gut It Out and Kill a Hero

One of the most annoying Marvel Studio trends is the "fake-out death" of key good characters. We've been suckered with Groot, Nick Fury, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark and even freaking Pepper Potts. It is the old school Disney strategy of wanting the emotional punch of killing off a major character but also wanting the happy ending so there is the last act reveal that it was all a hoax. It has happened so often that you don't feel anything when a major character is supposed to bite the bullet because you just assume they will show up again in the next scene or in a TV series.

At this point, the only good character that I can remember staying dead is Quicksilver from Avenger: Age of Ultron and I have a sneaky feeling that may have been due to some right issues going on with Fox Studios that has their own version in the X-Men franchise. It is time for someone major to get killed and Captain America: Civil War promising mountain tumbling earthquakes to the Marvel Universe is the movie to do it.

Marvel senses the itch among the fans since the marketing is heavily pushing a fallen and down James Rhodes. Except the fact the trailer is a little less blatant than having a flashing message declaring Rhodes dead, which means he has a stronger chance of being in a second act coma and skipping back for shawarmas with Tony Stark in the stinger. I'm cool with this because I think Don Cheadle adds a lot to elevating the movies and he has a fun chemistry with Robert Downey Jr. But this means someone else has to go. It is time for Marvel to man up and off a hero. Almost all the other "geared towards kids and teens" franchises have killed at least one major good character, including the other big colossal moneymaker for Disney.