Time for a Change

For the last year now, I've been stuck in a rather deep hole and have been convinced the best way out is to dig in the direction that I want to be. This means that I've been flailing my shovel in the air catching heaping piles of air and occasionally whacking the blade upside my head. It has taken a few lacerations but I've now smartened up to the need of a revised strategy. Even though it is against the screaming voice and the dark ominous spectre taunting me, I'm now digging downwards in an effort to uncover something new and helpful, and maybe even get the strength to create a tunnel to the much sought after sunlight. I know this effort will strike a sewage pipe and uncover a few "off to the farm" pets and for a bit it is going to stink and be filthy, but I trust there is a gem or two down there. There must be treasure in these parts or why did I start digging six years ago? I can sense it. I'll get it even if I have to suffer some garbage and rot for the first little bit. It is time for more digging.