You Decide Some Future Blog Content

At the end of last year, I was contemplating starting a monthly article where I spotlight all the major studio movies that will be released in the upcoming month. I would bestow my top pick for each week and give out some quick thoughts for the other movies. Since my blog leans heavy on movie writing, I thought it could be a helpful piece for movie fans and for those that trust me, get an idea of what may be worth checking out and why. But then I started fearing that it was less a worthwhile piece and more just free advertising for the movie studios. To be honest, they get that from almost every other movie news site so I didn't need to add to the problem.

But then I started thinking that even if I may have some reservations, it may be a feature that some people would be interested in reading. I definitely know that I am more aware of what is coming out each month than most casual fans. My insight may help elevate some movies that aren't getting as much advertising, and my goal would to be honest and also entertaining. But of course, on the other side, I am doing that same thing with movie reviews and in that case, I can really champion a movie since I'd have actually seen it.

Anyway, I'm going to leave this one to you, my dear readers, and let me know in the comments if you would read and enjoy monthly previews of the upcoming movies.

My other idea that I've played around with is doing a daily "movie news round-up" where I have a collection of quick thoughts on the major news of that day be it trailers, casting announcements, movies greenlit, or major gossip. Now, for the really big news, I would probably still try to do a "hot off the presses" stand alone piece during the day, but this weekly piece would be a catch-up for everything else that I would post in the evening and allow me to share my thoughts on stuff that still triggered something in me. This would also help prep things for when/if I make an official shift to the full-on movie site.

My biggest concern with this one is knowing my writing tendencies that trying to share my thoughts on four or five pieces of news will mean I'm composing this massive several thousand word opus. It is better to reserve my energy for the stuff I am really passionate for and write more focused pieces. Again, if there is a strong interest in something like this, then I will still give it a shot.

Now, my final bit of comment baiting is more broad, in just trying to figure out what people actually want to read on here. Do you prefer more personal life stories and my experiences as a parent? More stuff on my writing journey along with the occasional sample pieces of fiction? Continue a strong focus on movie news and reviews? Or would you prefer I started doing more TV reviews? Or would my readers prefer a return to when I had more opinion pieces on major news events?

I do think I am going to try to be more diverse and experimental in my writing over the next few weeks and try to gauge what stuff draws the biggest audience (my Trump piece was huge, as was my small piece on the Cubs). I also really want to try that weekly serialized fiction that I alluded to at the start of the year, but I still need to choose a story and would like a few chapters in the can before I start posting.

Anyway, I am really excited about getting this blog rolling again. I look forward to what 2017 will bring. I look forward to your feedback and seeing what you, my dear readers, would love to see and what you have enjoyed in the past. Thanks in advance for the help.