Shouldn't Need Valentine's Day But. . .

I should and I wish I could say that I let my wife, Emily, know that I love her every day. I think, I say, "I love you" almost every day and that is a fine start, but it isn't the same as letting her know that I absolutely adore and love her every single day. After almost nine years of marriage, I would still consider her the most beautiful, intoxicating, and interesting person that I know, and the person that I strive to be my best friend every single day. Kids kind of complicate things and my own mental quirks and insecurities complicate it even more, but I can say with great confidence that the best things in my life are due to Emily. Of all the things that I hope to achieve and accomplish this year, the two greatest successes will be to continue to raise my children to be amazing little people and to ensure my wife knows that I appreciate and love everything she has done.

I love you, Emily. I vow to try my hardest to prove that every single day for the rest of my life, even on those days that my tendency leans towards self-involved idiot, I still will be loving you. I am flawed and awkward and foolish and sometimes a little smelly, but I am a blessed man to have been in a relationship with you for over a decade. Thank you for our marriage, family, and friendship. I can't wait to see what comes next.