If Only 'Sandy Wexler' was as Good as its Songs

Sandy Wexler, as expected, was not a very good movie. It did turn out to be many times better than almost anything Adam Sandler has starred in the past decade. A huge part of that was a great presence and performance by the talented and gorgeous Jennifer Hudson. You believed she would capture the imagination of America and become an instant hot star, though it was a bit harder to take that she had any kind of feelings for Wexler. There seemed to be real work taken to make Hudson's Courtney Clark into a believable pop star. This included making songs that felt like they would have been hits in the 1990s but also were really catchy songs that could endure. As much as I never want to watch Sandy Wexler again, I do find myself already humming to "Mr. DJ", which I think has a chance to far outlast the actual movie that it was created to be in.