Some Slow Moving Ketchup for the Blog

Things have been rocking and rolling on here in regards to getting things posted, but I still feel there are pop culture issues or interesting ideas for articles that fly past me. As much as this site is really vital to my career, it still can only take up so much time in between preventing children flying off roofs and providing writing for clients who pay. Depending how things roll over the next few weeks, I may either end up more active on here or have to resort to it being just a house for links to my other work. But over the last few months and even years, there have been some significant events and talking points that I'd still like to DeLorean my way back. The big thing is writing up some tributes to significant celebrity figures that have sadly passed away. Over the next little bit, I hope to try to write something that still have some relevance and value even if the person being written about has been gone for years.  I'm also sticking the antenna up and hoping to write a bit more on major news issues that don't pertain to movie. Two nights ago, I read an article that got me motivated to write something on Bill O'Reilly and as it was formulating in my head, I started having visions of far right slobbering trolls coming at me with their clubs. Lately, I've been on the downside of my emotional life coaster and realize I just didn't have the energy to defend myself, so potential controversy was delayed for another day. I really do want this site to end up being more than just my thoughts on the latest Marvel trailer.