What is in a Name?

The good news is that we look to not only have an Edge of Tomorrow sequel in our future, but one that Doug Liman and company seem really excited about. It is fun reading a director that is so passionate about a project, because it gives me hope if the stars align properly it will be filmmaker driven and created for some artistic reasons.

But the bad news, Live Die Repeat and Repeat is a pretty dumb title. Even dumber when Live Die Repeat was not the title of the original movie, no matter how much those words took over Blu-Ray cases. I get the title better explains the plot, but I don't think Empire Strikes Back lost out on any money by not calling it Luke Trains with Green Alien and Then Discovers the Main Bad Guy is His Dad.  

The title also makes no sense if it is a prequel, or at least, I think that is what Liman was insinuating. A prequel doesn't really work, because Tom Cruise's character can't really join in on the fun if it is a prequel unless we're getting long scenes with him filing paper work behind his desk.

Speaking of Tom Cruise, it really shows how valuable he is in the film industry when he was the one who cared enough to concoct an idea to make another one. He is one of the hardest working and most passionate actors in Hollywood. He seems to throw his entire self in every one of his projects, and even if one of his movies doesn't work, the blame rarely can be put on him. He isn't a youngster anymore but he still tries to find amazing stunts that he does himself to ramp up each Mission Impossible.

It looks like they will have lots of time to come up with a better title, like maybe the really innovative Edge of Tomorrow 2 (just adding a number is really fine). Right now, Cruise and Christopher McQuarrie are tied up on the new Mission Impossible, Liman is directing Justice League Dark, and Emily Blunt is flying around on an umbrella. It will be a long wait but hope is it worth it by being a worthy follow-up to the great original, no matter the title.

There was a part of me that was a little sad knowing that Bill Paxton's very fun army character would not be able to make a return to the series. He was one of the real high points of the great original.