The Breakdown of 'Little Evil', 'Wind River', 'Fences', 'Pitch Black' and 'Lake Placid'

Vintember has finally arrived! This month on the Breakdown we will be reviewing a Vin Diesel movie every single week on the podcast. We kick off with the movie that launched Diesel's career as an action star in the sci-fi horror actioner, Pitch Black. We also review four more movies including the horror comedy, Little Evil, Taylor Sheridan's murder mystery thriller set in the snow covered Native American reserve in Wyoming, Wind River, Denzel Washington's directorial debut in the 1950s character drama, Fences, and the homage to the B movie creature feature, Lake Placid. As always if your love the show then please spread the word to other movie fans or leave us a five star review on iTunes.

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The Breakdown Outline:

1:08 Little Evil review
15:23 Wind River review
32:46 Fences review
50:02 Pitch Black review
1:09:16 Lake Placid review
1:24:27 Trailer reviews: Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House, Blade Runner 2049 Short Movie Nexus Dawn: 2036, Super Troopers 2, Killing Gunther, Brawl in Cell Block 99
1:41:16 Box Office Analysis
1:51:12 Review Rundown & Shout out to Ed Skrein

Rating Rundown:
Little Evil **
Wind River ***½ (CS)
Fences ***½ (CS & SM)
Pitch Black *** (CS) & **½ (SM)
Lake Placid ** (CS) & **½ (SM)