Life is Like a Box of Chocolates, but Only One Gets Sold for Fundraisers

A child can never be too young to get hooked on capitalism. This is why Everett's school has him out selling chocolate bars in order to raise funds for different school programs. Everett has embraced the salesperson spirit on his first day with his box of chocolate treats by selling five to some of our neighbours. His award winning sales pitch was something like, "I'm selling chocolate bars for my school. If you buy enough I can win prizes. Don't you want me to get prizes?" Not the most traditional advertising route, but seems to be working. So, I'll add, seriously, don't you want this kid to win prizes?

Already posted a sales pitch on Facebook, but decided to take advantage of my blog readership by shilling some chocolates on this site. I realize, having over 80% of my readership living outside of Canada kind of hurts the chances of this being a goldmine sale, but this is targeted to those few living in or around the Brantford area. As long as I don't stuff all the chocolates in my pockets, they should keep real well if we may see each other over the next few months or so. Don't let some space between us stop me from hooking you up with the sweet sweet chocolate.

The deal is the chocolates are going for $3.00 a bar, as stated it goes towards programs and supplies for Everett's school. As Everett wants you to be reminded, if he sells enough then he gets some sweet prizes. And for such a good deed, you get sweet chocolate, so lots of sweetness for everyone.

In case you don't want to stare at the picture, the types are milk chocolate, French mint, crispy rice, caramel & sea salt (not bars but a box of smaller chocolates) and creamy maple (also the box of smaller chocolates). 

If you want to buy some then leave a comment here or on Facebook or you can contact me at christopher.d.spicer at the old gmail.