All is Right in the World. . . of iTunes

For those who specifically listen to The Movie Breakdown episodes on iTunes but don't subscribe to the show. you can now listen to the The Breakdown of Horror show from last week without problems. I ended up moving the episode back over to Internet Archive, because iTunes and Podbean don't know how to play nicely together with my feed. Now, all shows are back on Internet Archive and every one will play without problem on iTunes. I still don't know why the Podbean enclosure link caused such a problem, but it was enough to convince me that I'm not really interested in using their services anymore. I likely will move my feed at some point, but will be looking for a site with stronger customer service and provides little headaches during the migration process (and will preferably upload every episode we've done, but that may be asking for too much). Along with that eventual move to a better site, I am planning to increase the marketing of the podcast and start some more interactive features connected to the show, which I hope will increase the audience and allow for either sponsors or confidence a Patreon would work, so we can offer more shows and content in the future.