Toasty Reheated Blog Post: Time to Revel in the Cherished Canadian Holiday, Thursday

I didn't always just write about movies or the passing of my dog on this blog. Sometimes I wrote about pure absurdity. My goal has been to get the blog back to what it was in 2010 to 2012 where I experimented and tried out all kinds of writing. One piece that I wrote way back in 2010 was "In Honour of Canada's Most Cherished Holiday: The Terrific Thursday Top Ten" because I decided Americans needed to be kept company with the holiday celebrating. I haven't written anything like this in years, but 2010 was a different time where children were still a thought and time grew on trees. That is right, we had a time tree at our old house, but at least now we have a pond in the backyard, so a pretty cool trade off. Anyway, have a very Happy Thursday or if you're American, you can enjoy your Thanksgiving too.