Questions to Make 'The Movie Breakdown' Podcast Better

The Movie Breakdown is old enough now to be registered for Kindergarten in the fall. It seems like a good enough time to see if the movie review podcast has been delivering what the listeners want.

I sort of asked this a few weeks ago, but I got no response so I'll try it again. What is the ideal length for the podcast? Do you like an hour long show? Do you prefer when we run closer to 90 minutes? Or would you want us to beef it up to two hours plus?

Our mid-year and year end shows run over two hours, and that probably will never change. For sake of my own time, I think I prefer recording an hour to 90 minutes show depending the importance of movies we are discussing. But as a listener, do you feel our shows could be tighter, or go even more in-depth or is the length and pace perfect now?

As for content, do you like having five movie reviews a show? Or do you feel that four is a better amount? Do you want there to be a news segment where we discuss the big events of the week? Would you like us to bring back the box office segment? Or the trailer reviews? If we add any content, we will likely cut out a movie review.

Would you be willing to support us if I set up a Patreon? If I did this, we would add a second show if we hit our goal. The money would also help us potentially cover things like festivals or have more special edition shows on top of the regular show. Do those things interest you? Do they interest you enough to pay a little bit of money each month to improve our shows?

As we enter our fifth year of The Movie Breakdown, how can we improve the show? I really hope to expand and grow listenership this year, but the best way to do that is make sure that we are offering what our current listeners want.

I would really appreciate feedback. I would also really like to thank you for listening to us over these last five years.