The Breakdown of Stars We Love to See Every Time

It is a special episode this week that we're calling The Breakdown of Stars We Love to See Every Time. Scott and I each pick the four actors or filmmakers who when we hear they are attached to a project that we automatically get pumped. We don't need to know the plot or genre, it is just their name that is enough to convince us to get a ticket. They may not always produce a great movie, but there is something about them that draws us in every time. We discuss and dig deep into why these eight are some of the very best. This list includes a break-out director like Ryan Coogler who just delivered the massive hit Black Panther, an actor who has succeeded in small and huge movies like Oscar Isaac, an acting chameleon who transforms herself every time like Jessica Chastain, or a cult hit-making filmmaker like Edgar Wright. We had a great time gushing about our favourites, and if you enjoy it then please tell other movie fans.

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The Movie Breakdown Outline:

2:11 Shane Black and quick mention of Taylor Sheridan
11:53 Jessica Chastain and quick mention of Amy Adams
24:03 Oscar Isaac
31:16 Ryan Coogler
41:02 Edgar Wright
51:39 Jake Gyllenhaal and the failure of using silence to provide hints to the co-host
1:02:30 Reese Witherspoon
1:10:26 Wes Anderson
1:18:37 Closing