They Can't All Be Disasters

Scott has finally completed his punishment for losing last year's Summer Box Office Challenge. For those that listen to The Movie Breakdown podcast, you know we have an annual competition where both Scott and I both pick ten summer movies that we think will get the biggest opening weekend and the person with the biggest total amount wins. The winner then gets to choose three movies that the loser has to watch and write a review. As is the annual tradition, I won, so Scott had to write reviews for Courageous and The Perfect ManThe pick that I was proudest was the Tyler Perry directed The Single Moms Club, because while I have avoided all his directorial efforts, the trailers seem to promise the most excruciating kind of pain. It seems that it didn't make Scott question his existence or make him detest the fact that he has eyes. He also didn't like it, even if I was expecting more torture and anguish. You can still check out his latest review and the final one for his punishment over at his blog, A Movie a Day Blog.