Going Dark

I haven't lived up to my daily articles promise for quite a long time now. As punishment, I am going to go sit in this corner for a week and think about what I've done. Then maybe while mulling about in that corner then I'll find some renewed productivity and get back to this site having at least one article a day.

Or maybe I won't take this time-out. I'm not sure yet, but there is a strong chance that I won't have access to the internet until next Saturday night. So, while this may just seem like a typical slacking week, I actually will have real reasons for not posting my in-depth analysis of the latest on-set photos of the live-action Dora the Explorer movie (this is a real thing, by the way).

Even though I won't be posting any new articles, Scott and I did record the latest episode of The Movie Breakdown last night. I've already uploaded the show and it has been dated to automatically be posted here on Monday. You can come here or iTunes on Monday morning to listen to the latest episode where we will be reviewing the Jason Statham battles a dino shark movie, The Meg.

Speaking of The Meg, since I probably won't have anything new posted this weekend, you should all just go see it in the theatre three or ten times. It is looking like The Meg may turn out to be a bit of surprise hit and if it break 30 million, then I could be sitting in a strong position for the Summer Box Office Challenge. Then it will come down to the final two movies next weekend, we have Scott's pick Mile 22 against my pick, Crazy Rich Asians. I am nervous about my movie coming out on Wednesday as we only count the Friday to Sunday opening weekend numbers. This is a pretty big cultural moment with an all Asian cast and you should all celebrate it by seeing it three times on Friday and eight or twenty on Saturday.

Of course, all runs need to come to an end, and this could be the end of my winning streak against Scott in the Summer Box Office Challenge (we started the game in 2015 and I've won every year so far). By next week, I will know if Scott gets to choose three awful movies for me to review, and he has already threatened me with some very painful looking movies. Of course, I also plan to use his threats for some great recommendations for when I actually end up winning for a fourth time

Off to my corner to think about stuff now. Have yourself a great weekend and make sure to come back Monday morning for the latest episode of The Movie Breakdown. I'll be back here with daily word goodness in a week.