The Breakdown of 'High Flying Bird', 'The Favourite', 'Soni', 'The Prodigy' and 'Animas

It is another big episode of The Movie Breakdown as we have reviews for five motion pictures. The big one is the Best Picture nominee The Favourite, which also now means the show has reviews for every contender for the top prize at this year's Academy Awards. We reveal where this one stacks up against the other nominees. Speaking of awards-worthy, Steven Soderbergh is back with his first of two Netflix Original movies coming out this year, and this one is the drama based on a sports agent in High Flying Bird. We also have a little horror movie released under the Orion label in the evil children feature, The Prodigy. We also have two foreign films in the Indian drama Soni and the Spanish horror flick, Animas. As always, we had a great time recording the show and we hope you really love it. If you do, please help us out by spreading the word to other movie fans.

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Movie's Rating Our of Four Stars

High Flying Bird ** (CS & SM)
The Favourite **** (CS)
Soni ***½ (CS & SM)
The Prodigy *½ (CS)
Animas ** (CS) & *** (SM)