The Breakdown of 'Fighting with My Family', 'Paddleton', 'The Drug King', 'The Tree of Blood' and 'Yucatan'

It is a quiet week for new releases at the movie theatre, but that doesn't mean there aren't lots of movies to talk about. This week we've got reviews for five new releases including a few that have done the festival circuit. We have a dramedy starring Mark Duplass and Ray Romano in Paddleton. Speaking of funny, Stephen Merchant directs a biopic about former WWE wrestler Paige in Fighting with My Family. We are also reviewing three foreign films that are the art house picture The Tree of Blood, the gangster flick The Drug King and the heist comedy Yucatan. As always, we go down some rabbit trails and try to not derail the closing. We had a great time this week and we really hope you love the show. If you do enjoy it, please spread the word on social media and let other movie fans know about us.

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Four Star Rating:

Paddleton ***½ (CS & SM)
Fighting with My Family **½ (CS)
The Tree of Blood ** (CS & SM)
The Drug King ** (CS) & **½ (SM)
Yucatan ** (CS) & **½ (SM)