Soft Reboot

Over the next several months, I'm going to start doing a gradual 'rebranding' of the site. I've got a few cosmetic changes planned and after over ten years, I intend to change the title of the site to better reflect my visions and content on here. I may eventually change the URL but that will be even longer term than what I will be rolling out over the rest of the year.

There won't be a drastic change in the actual stuff that I'm writing but will be more focused on my long-term intentions for the site, which is to be a movie/pop culture site with a personal spin from a dad of two. The changes are all designed to make the site become more professional and hopefully get things in a place where I am comfortable launching a Patreon.

The plan is to attract a broader audience and so I will also be more aggressive in my marketing and looking at things like starting a mailing list. I want to do things right, which is why it will be gradual as I take some advice and weigh some different options. A few things will likely be experimental and may not stick. The most important thing is that for this to work, I need to write way more things on here, and since you are currently reading this, I assume that is a thing you will enjoy.

I'd also love some feedback on things you'd love to see on the site including the look and features as well as the actual type of articles written. As always, I really appreciate your support and readership.