It is Just 'Another Sunday'

Well, it is indeed another Sunday, so, it seems about fitting to post the music video to I Mother Earth's 'Another Sunday.' A music video that explains both the dangers and value in eating canned tuna. Or maybe I misinterpreted the message.

I am not sure if I ever mentioned it on the site, but I actually saw I Mother Earth live about a year ago when they were doing a reunion tour with Finger Eleven. The tour was a big deal because it was the first time Edwin had reunited with the band in over 20 years after their split, so they were playing stuff from their Dig and Scenery and Fish albums. The two albums that I owned and loved as a teenager. I Mother Earth was one of my favourite bands in high school and I was pretty gutted when Edwin left the band and never really got into the group after that. I also didn't really get into Edwin's solo career either.

It was amazing to see them live and I would say that I still love them even 20 years later. It is nice to know that some of my younger years' taste holds up. It was an awesome experience and I would totally go see them again if there was the opportunity.

Anyway, here is the 'Another Sunday' music video from over 20 years ago. This isn't one of my favourite songs from the Scenery and Fish album, but it is still really good, which shows how great that record was at the time and even now.