Warning About the Next Month on the Blog

I know that I already said that the daily output on here for the next month was going to either be promotion pieces, video or short riffs along with the one or two wide release movie reviews until at least March due to the massive amount of writing projects that I have right now (a good problem by the way). I just wanted to say that there is a good chance that my reviews in February are going to need to be cut in about half just for the sake of time. It also means that if I shorten the reviews than I may be able to sneak a few more in the coming month. I'm also contemplating doing a a quick compilation of movies and shows that I've watched or books that I've read with maybe a one line thought for the stuff that I don't have time to do full reviews. Also for most of the movies, there will be still be The Movie Breakdown review, which is usually at least 15 minutes of discussion on a film, which is pretty substantial.