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Plot Holes? 'Back to the Future' Doesn't Need Any Plot Holes

I've made it clear before that I believe Back to the Future is a perfect movie. If you are the one person in the galaxy who hasn't seen it, then stop reading this piece and go watch it right now.

We're good now?

Okay. I know that anytime a person argues that a movie is perfect or declares a movie one of the greatest ever, then there are about thousand people ready to point out its plot holes. Well, I don't think plot holes actually matter that much when it comes to the worth of a movie or any story. But if plot hoes do bother you and especially if that is your major problem with the masterpiece. Back to the Future, then I am here to save the day.

I have an article over at the gaming, sci-fi and geekdom site, NerdMuch where I use some imagination to solve the major plot holes that are often pointed out in Back to the Future. And yes, I do the address the whole Lorraine and George should remember 'Calvin Klein' from 1955 issue. It is always fun to write about one of my favourite movies and I hear it can be just as fun to read it too. So, please check out my latest article over at NerdMuch.

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Also, feel free to let me know what other infamous plot holes from popular movies can be solved with some imagination and creativity. Or let me know how wrong I am in my attempt to solve these issues.