The Breakdown of the Best of 2020 So Far

It has been a crazy year and for a long portion of it, there weren't any theatrical movies to review. But we still had movies and some of them were really good. This is why that even if it is a few months late, we've decided to do our annual look at the best movies at the mid-year point (plus two months). It is The Breakdown of the Best of 2020 So Far, and for long-time listeners, you know this is a show where we bestow some awards on our favourite moments, performances, surprises and movies. As well, we both list our top five movies of the year. It has been an odd year and maybe we don't have the same bounty of great movies to select but this episode will prove there are still some real gems worth tracking down.

As always, we had a great time recording the episode, and like all our Best of shows, this one is super-sized. We really hope you love it as well, and if you do, please help us out by spreading the word on social media so other movie fans can track us down.

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The Movie Breakdown Awards for 2020 So Far:

The Best Scene: 
The Lovebirds - a comical handling of vehicular homicide (CS)
The Trip to Greece - Steve Coogan impersonated Ray Winstone impersonating King Henry VIII (SM)

Best Supporting/Cameo: 
Keanu Reeves - The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run (CS)
Dan Stevens - Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (SM)

Best Performance:
Ben Affleck - The Way Back/Elizabeth Moss - The Invisible Man (CS)
Riley Keough - The Lodge (SM)

The Most Delightful Surprise:
Sonic the Hedgehog (CS)
My Spy (SM)

Best Underrated/Under-seen Movie:
The Rhythm Section (CS)
Sputnik (SM)

Worst Movie:
The Last Days of American Crime (CS & SM)

Top Five Movies of 2020 So Far:

5. The Vast of Night
4. Blow the Man Down
3. The Way Back
2. Da 5 Bloods
1. Onward

5. Da 5 Bloods
4. The Lodge
3. Sputnik
2. The Vast of Night
1. Blow the Man Down